About Us

Markham grange nursery and steam museum is an independent family run traditional nursery that all started 50 years ago in 1967. During the early years the nursery made its name growing over 800 fuchsia varieties that were sold all over the UK to the trade and general public, many by mail order. The nursery quickly grew to become Doncaster’s largest nursery and garden centre providing thousands of home grown bedding plants and as many as 20,000 hanging baskets were churned out year after year. Markham now offers a vast range of garden sundries including compost, tools, garden pots etc. it also stocks a vast range of garden furniture from large lounge sets to compact bistro sets from you to choose from, at very competitive inseng prices. 2018 will see the opening of the new gift shop. Which will complement the beautiful Christmas displays that Markham has put on for the past few years. The centre currently holds a variety of concessionary shops that includes aquatics, pet shop, crafts and furniture, card making, aromatherapy and XL clothing. The latest concession to open in spring 2017 was Thorpe’s farm shop selling fresh fruit, veg, cheeses and a selection of fresh bread and cakes.